How To Change Date Format In Excel To Dd/mm/yyyy

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Hey there, Excel enthusiasts! Today, I’m going to walk you through the process of changing the date format in Excel to the dd/mm/yyyy format. This is a common requirement, especially for those who work with international date formats or need to standardize date presentation. Let’s dive in and make your Excel date formatting a breeze!

Locating the Cell with the Date

The first step is to locate the cell containing the date that you want to format. In my experience, I’ve found it’s always best to start by identifying the specific cell or range of cells you’re working with. For the purposes of this tutorial, let’s assume our date is in cell A1.

Opening the Format Cells Dialog

Next, you’ll need to open the Format Cells dialog. You can do this by right-clicking on the cell with the date, selecting “Format Cells” from the context menu, and then clicking on the “Number” tab in the Format Cells dialog.

Selecting the Date Format

In the Format Cells dialog, under the “Category” list, select “Date”. This will bring up different date formats in the “Type” field. Look for “English (United Kingdom)” and select “14/03/2001” or “31/03/1999” – these options will display the date in the dd/mm/yyyy format. Click “OK” to apply the format to your cell.

Verifying the Date Format

It’s always a good practice to verify that the date format has been applied correctly. Once you’ve made the change, take a moment to ensure that the date in the cell now appears in the dd/mm/yyyy format.

Formatting Multiple Cells

If you need to apply this format to multiple cells containing dates, you can simply use the Format Painter tool to copy the format from one cell to others. This can be a time-saving trick, especially when dealing with large sets of data.


Voila! You’ve successfully changed the date format in Excel to the dd/mm/yyyy format. With this knowledge, you can now confidently format dates according to your preferred style. Remember, Excel offers a wide range of customization options for date formatting, so don’t hesitate to explore and experiment with different formats to suit your specific needs.