How To Change Alt R Nvidia

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Changing the Alt + R shortcut for NVIDIA GeForce Experience is a straightforward process that can enhance the user experience. As an avid gamer and tech enthusiast, I understand the importance of customizing settings to suit individual preferences. In this article, I will guide you through the steps to change the Alt + R shortcut for NVIDIA, offering my personal insights along the way.

Locating the Alt + R Shortcut Settings

To begin, open the NVIDIA GeForce Experience application. Once the application is open, navigate to the Settings icon located in the top-right corner of the window. Click on this icon to access the Settings menu.

Changing the Alt + R Shortcut

Within the Settings menu, select the “Keyboard Shortcuts” option. This will display a list of available shortcuts, including Alt + R. To modify the Alt + R shortcut, simply click on the existing shortcut and press the keys you desire to use instead. In my case, I prefer using Alt + T for recording gameplay, as it’s more intuitive for my workflow.

Testing the New Shortcut

After changing the shortcut to your preference, it’s essential to test it in action. Launch a game and press the newly assigned shortcut to ensure that it activates the intended function. This step allows for immediate validation and adjustment if needed. Personally, I found that the new shortcut improved my gameplay experience and made accessing recording features more convenient.

Customizing Additional Settings

While in the NVIDIA GeForce Experience Settings menu, take the opportunity to explore other customization options. Whether it’s adjusting video capture settings, optimizing game performance, or managing driver updates, the application offers a range of features to tailor to individual requirements. As a passionate gamer, I appreciate the flexibility this customization provides, allowing me to optimize my gaming environment.

Exploring Advanced Configuration

For users seeking a more advanced level of customization, NVIDIA GeForce Experience offers additional configuration settings that can be accessed by navigating to the “General” tab within the Settings menu. Here, users can delve deeper into preferences related to in-game overlays, notifications, and audio settings. I found that these advanced options allowed me to fine-tune my gaming experience to suit my specific needs.


Customizing the Alt + R shortcut for NVIDIA GeForce Experience not only enhances convenience but also reflects the individuality of each user. By personalizing settings to align with our preferences, we can elevate our gaming experiences. Embracing the ability to tailor these settings according to our unique requirements empowers us to make the most of the technology at our fingertips.