How To Bold Text On Trello

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Are you curious about how to make your text stand out on Trello? You’re in luck! In this article, I will walk you through the steps of bolding text on Trello and also provide some personal tips and tricks.

Step 1: Getting Started

To begin, open your Trello board and navigate to the card where you want to add the bold text. Click on the card to open it in detail view.

Step 2: Editing the Card Description

In the card detail view, you will find the card description field. This is where you can add and format text. Start by clicking on the pencil icon to edit the description.

Step 3: Adding Bold Text

To make your text bold, you can use a simple HTML tag called <strong>. Simply type <strong> before the text you want to bold, and </strong> after it.

For example, if you want to bold the word “Important”, you would type:


Once you have added the <strong> tags around your desired text, click outside the description field to save your changes.

Personal Tips and Tricks

Now that you know how to bold text on Trello, let me share some personal touches and commentary to enhance your experience.

1. Use bold text sparingly: Bold text is great for highlighting key points or important information. However, overusing bold text can make your content look cluttered. Use it strategically to make an impact.

2. Experiment with formatting: Trello supports other formatting options, such as italics and strikethrough. Play around with these options to add variety and visual interest to your cards.

3. Consider readability: While bold text can draw attention, make sure it is still readable. If your bold text is too large or distracting, it may hinder the overall readability of your card.


Bolding text on Trello is a simple yet effective way to make your content stand out. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily add emphasis to important information and enhance the visual appeal of your Trello boards. Remember to use bold text strategically and experiment with other formatting options to create visually appealing and organized cards.