How To Beautify In Google Meet

Google Meet is a well-liked option for video conferences, enabling individuals to remotely connect and communicate. While it boasts a sleek and professional appearance, you may be seeking methods to add a personalized touch and enhance your Google Meet experience. In this article, I will offer tips and techniques for enriching your Google Meet sessions with personalizations and commentary.

Customize Your Background

One way to add a personal touch to your Google Meet sessions is by customizing your background. Google Meet provides a variety of background options to choose from, including scenic landscapes, abstract patterns, and professional office settings. To customize your background, click on the three vertical dots in the bottom right corner of your screen during a Google Meet call, select “Change Background” from the menu, and choose the background that reflects your personal style.

Use Virtual Backgrounds

If you want to take your background customization to the next level, you can use virtual backgrounds. Virtual backgrounds allow you to replace your real background with an image or video of your choice. You can use websites like Canva or Unsplash to find high-quality images that match your preferences. To enable virtual backgrounds, click on the three vertical dots in the bottom right corner of your screen during a Google Meet call, select “Change Background” from the menu, and click on the “+” icon to upload your own image or video.

Add Emojis and Reactions

Injecting some fun and expressiveness into your Google Meet sessions can be done by using emojis and reactions. Google Meet allows participants to react to what is being said or shared during the call using emojis such as thumbs up, clapping hands, or laughing face. To access emojis and reactions, click on the smiley face icon at the bottom of your screen and choose the appropriate reaction. This can create a lively and interactive atmosphere during your meetings.

Share Screens with Style

When sharing your screen in Google Meet, you can add a personal touch by using annotation tools. These tools allow you to draw, highlight, and underline content in real-time. To access the annotation tools, click on the “Present now” button at the bottom right corner, select “Your entire screen” or “A window,” and click on the “Annotate” option. This feature is especially useful for explaining concepts, brainstorming ideas, or giving presentations with a personalized touch.

Add Commentary and Personal Interaction

While Google Meet is primarily a tool for professional communication, adding your personal commentary and interaction can make the sessions more engaging and enjoyable. Engage with other participants by asking questions, sharing relevant personal experiences, and providing feedback. This not only adds a personal touch but also fosters connections and enhances the overall meeting experience.


While Google Meet provides a simple and professional platform for remote communication, there are several ways to beautify and personalize your experience. From customizing your background to adding emojis and annotations, these tips and tricks can enhance your Google Meet sessions with personal touches and commentary. Experiment with these features and make your meetings more engaging and enjoyable!