How To Avoid Google Ads In Mobile

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Google Ads can be bothersome while browsing the internet on your phone. They have the potential to disrupt your browsing experience and hinder website navigation. In this article, I will share the techniques I personally use to successfully avoid Google Ads on my mobile device.

1. Install an Ad-blocker App

One of the easiest ways to avoid Google Ads on your mobile device is by installing an ad-blocker app. These apps block ads from displaying on websites and in mobile apps.

There are several ad-blocker apps available for both Android and iOS devices. My personal favorite is Adblock Plus which is a free and reliable option. Simply download and install the app from the respective app store, and it will automatically block ads from appearing on your mobile device.

2. Use a Privacy-Focused Browser

Another effective method to avoid Google Ads on your mobile device is by using a privacy-focused browser. These browsers often include built-in ad-blockers and other features that enhance your privacy while browsing.

One browser that I highly recommend is Brave. It not only blocks ads but also offers additional privacy features such as blocking third-party cookies and preventing cross-site tracking. By using a privacy-focused browser, you can have a more ad-free and secure browsing experience on your mobile device.

3. Opt for Premium or Ad-Free Apps

If you frequently use mobile apps that display Google Ads, consider upgrading to the premium or ad-free version of those apps. Many developers offer paid versions of their apps without any ads.

Paying a small fee to remove ads can greatly improve your user experience and allow you to enjoy the app without any interruptions. Additionally, by supporting the developers, you are encouraging them to continue improving and updating the app.

4. Customize Ad Settings

Google provides options to customize your ad settings, allowing you to have some control over the types of ads you see. You can visit the Google Ad Settings page to make changes to your preferences.

By opting out of personalized advertising or adjusting your ad interests, you can reduce the number of Google Ads that appear on your mobile device. While this method may not completely eliminate all ads, it can help to minimize them and make your browsing experience more enjoyable.


Avoiding Google Ads on your mobile device can greatly improve your browsing experience. By installing an ad-blocker app, using a privacy-focused browser, opting for ad-free apps, and customizing your ad settings, you can take control over the ads you see. Implement these methods and enjoy a more ad-free mobile browsing experience today!