How To Autosend An Ebook With Aweber

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Hello there! Are you interested in learning how to automatically send an ebook using AWeber? Luckily, I have all the necessary information for you. Let’s start by discussing what AWeber actually is.

AWeber is an email marketing platform that allows you to create and send emails to your subscribers. It’s a powerful tool that can help you automate your email marketing campaigns and save you tons of time. One of the features that AWeber offers is the ability to autosend an ebook to your subscribers. This means that as soon as someone signs up for your email list, they will automatically receive an email with the ebook attached.

So how do you set this up in AWeber? Let’s dive in.

Step 1: Create Your Ebook

The first step is to create your ebook. You’ll need to write the content, design the layout, and save it as a PDF file. Make sure your ebook is valuable and relevant to your target audience. If you need help with the design, there are plenty of online tools and templates available that can make the process easier.

Step 2: Set Up Your AWeber Account

If you haven’t already, sign up for an AWeber account. Once you’re logged in, you’ll need to create a new list for your subscribers. Give it a name that reflects your ebook or your overall email marketing strategy.

Step 3: Create a Sign-Up Form

In order for people to receive your ebook, they’ll need to sign up for your email list. To do this, you’ll need to create a sign-up form in AWeber. This form will be embedded on your website or landing page and will collect the necessary information from your subscribers.

Customize your sign-up form to align with the design of your website and make it appealing to visitors. AWeber provides a drag-and-drop editor and various templates to make this process easy.

Step 4: Set Up an Automation

Now comes the fun part – setting up the automation to send the ebook. In AWeber, this is called a “Campaign.” Start by creating a new Campaign and give it a name that makes sense to you.

In the Campaign, you’ll need to create a series of emails. The first email in the series will be the one that contains the ebook. Customize this email with your personal touch and include a link to download the ebook. You can also add a brief introduction or a personal note to make it more engaging.

After creating the first email, you’ll need to set a trigger for when it should be sent. In this case, the trigger will be when someone subscribes to your email list. AWeber provides easy-to-use options to set up this trigger.

Next, you’ll need to add a “Tag” to the subscribers who receive the ebook. Tags are used to segment your email list and ensure that the ebook is only sent to the right people. Add a tag to the email automation so that the ebook is only sent to those who sign up for your list.

Once you’ve set up the first email, you can create additional emails in the series to nurture your subscribers and build a relationship with them. This can include follow-up emails, additional resources, or promotional content – all with your personal touch and commentary.

Step 5: Test and Launch

Before launching your campaign, make sure to test the entire process. Sign up for your own email list and verify that you receive the ebook as expected. Check that all the links are working and that the emails are correctly formatted.

Once you’re confident that everything is working smoothly, you’re ready to launch your campaign and start sending out your ebook to your subscribers automatically!


Setting up an autosend ebook campaign with AWeber is an effective way to provide value to your subscribers and automate your email marketing efforts. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can create a personalized campaign that engages your audience from the moment they sign up for your list. Remember to regularly review and optimize your campaign to ensure its success.

Happy automating!