How To Automatically Pull Website Inquiries Into Trello

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Managing your workload efficiently is essential for freelancers and business owners. One of the biggest obstacles is staying organized and handling website inquiries promptly. To help with this task, I will explain how to use Trello, a robust project management tool, to automatically import website inquiries and improve response time.

The Power of Trello

Trello is a user-friendly project management tool that utilizes a flexible board and card system to help individuals and teams organize and prioritize their tasks. It allows you to create boards for different projects, and within each board, you can create lists to represent different stages of your workflow. Each task is represented by a card that can be moved between lists as it progresses.

By integrating Trello with your website inquiries, you can ensure that no leads slip through the cracks and that they are efficiently assigned and tracked throughout the entire process.

Setting Up Webhooks

The first step in automatically pulling website inquiries into Trello is to set up webhooks. Webhooks enable real-time communication between applications. In this case, we will use webhooks to send information from your website to Trello whenever a new inquiry is submitted.

To set up webhooks, you will need some programming knowledge or assistance from a developer. The exact process may vary depending on your website platform and programming language, but generally, you will need to:

  1. Create a webhook URL in Trello: In your Trello board, go to the board settings and find the “Webhooks” section. Create a new webhook and copy the generated URL.
  2. Implement the webhook in your website: This step involves writing code to capture the form submission data and send it to the Trello webhook URL. If you are using a popular Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress, there are plugins available that simplify this process.

Once webhooks are set up, every time a new inquiry is submitted through your website, the relevant information will be automatically sent to Trello, ready to be processed.

Creating Trello Cards

Now that your webhooks are set up, it’s time to create the Trello cards to represent your website inquiries. Each card will contain all the relevant information about the inquiry, making it easy to track and assign tasks to team members.

When a new inquiry is received, the webhooks will send the data to Trello, triggering the creation of a new card. The card can be customized to include details such as the contact name, email address, phone number, inquiry type, and any additional fields you want to capture.

Additionally, you can add labels to categorize inquiries based on their priority, source, or any other criteria that are relevant to your business. This will help you quickly identify and prioritize the most important inquiries.

Assigning and Tracking Inquiries

With the website inquiries now seamlessly flowing into Trello, you can easily assign them to the appropriate team members and track their progress.

Within each Trello card, you can add comments, due dates, checklists, and attachments to provide all the necessary information for your team to handle the inquiry effectively. You can also update the card’s status by moving it across different lists as it progresses through your workflow.

Trello’s collaboration features allow team members to leave comments, ask questions, and provide updates within the card. This promotes transparency and ensures everyone is on the same page when it comes to handling website inquiries.


Automatically pulling website inquiries into Trello can significantly improve your workflow and ensure that no leads are left unattended. By setting up webhooks and integrating Trello with your website, you can streamline the process of capturing, assigning, and tracking inquiries.

Remember, organization is key to success, and Trello provides a powerful solution for managing your website inquiries efficiently. Give it a try and experience the difference it can make in your business!