How To Attached Documents In Trello

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Hello there! Being a regular Trello user, I comprehend the significance of having the ability to attach documents to your cards. This feature can be extremely beneficial in keeping all your project-related files together in one location. Today, I will guide you through the steps of attaching documents in Trello, enabling you to simplify your workflow and stay organized.

Step 1: Accessing the Card

To start, open the board containing the card you want to attach a document to. Locate the specific card and click on it to open it on your screen. This will bring up the card’s detailed view, where you can view and edit its contents.

Step 2: Click on the Attachment Button

Next, look for the attachment button, which is represented by a paperclip icon. You can find it at the bottom right corner of the card’s detailed view. Clicking on the attachment button will open a menu with various options to add attachments.

Step 3: Choose Your Attachment Method

Trello offers multiple ways to attach documents. In this section, I’ll walk you through the two most common methods.

Method 1: Drag and Drop

If you have the document you want to attach already open on your computer, simply drag and drop it onto the card’s detailed view. Trello will automatically upload the document and attach it to the card. It’s as easy as that!

Method 2: Upload from Computer

If you don’t have the document open or prefer a different method, you can also upload it manually. To do this, click on the “Upload from Computer” option in the attachment menu. This will open your computer’s file explorer, allowing you to navigate to and select the document you want to attach. Once you’ve selected the document, click “Open” to initiate the upload process.

Step 4: Explore Additional Attachment Options

After attaching a document, Trello offers some additional options to enhance your productivity.

  • Cover Attachment: You can set the attached document as the card’s cover attachment by clicking the “Make Cover” option when hovering over the attachment.
  • Preview Attachment: Trello enables you to preview certain document types, such as images and PDFs, directly within the card’s detailed view. This can be convenient for quick reference without needing to download the file.
  • Add Comments: Below the attachment, you can add comments to provide context or additional information regarding the document.


Attaching documents in Trello is a straightforward process that can greatly enhance your productivity and organization. Whether you prefer the simplicity of drag and drop or the control of manual uploads, Trello has you covered. By leveraging this feature, you can keep all project-related files in one place and easily collaborate with team members. So go ahead, give it a try, and see how Trello can help streamline your workflow!