How To Arrange Labels Trello

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Rearranging labels in Trello is a great method for maintaining organized and aesthetically pleasing tasks. As a Trello user for both personal and work-related endeavors, I have acquired valuable insights and techniques for arranging labels that I am eager to impart with you.

Understanding Labels in Trello

Labels in Trello are a simple yet powerful feature that allows you to categorize and prioritize your tasks. Each label is represented by a small colored square, which you can customize to fit your needs. By assigning labels to your tasks, you can easily identify and filter them based on their categories or importance.

To get started with arranging labels in Trello, you’ll first need to create the labels. Here’s how:

  1. Open your Trello board and click on the “Show Menu” button on the right side of the screen.
  2. From the menu, select “Labels.”
  3. Click on the “Create a new label” button at the bottom of the labels section.
  4. Give your label a name and choose a color that represents its category or priority.
  5. Repeat the process to create as many labels as you need.

Arranging Labels on Cards

Once you’ve created your labels, it’s time to start arranging them on your cards. Here are a few techniques that I’ve found helpful:

  • Drag-and-Drop: The simplest way to arrange labels is by dragging and dropping them onto your cards. Simply click and hold a label, then drag it to the desired position on the card. You can arrange the labels in any order you prefer.
  • Color-Coding: If you have multiple labels on a card, you can use color-coding to indicate their importance or priority. For example, you could reserve red labels for high-priority tasks and green labels for low-priority ones.
  • Stacking Labels: Trello allows you to stack labels on top of each other, creating a visually appealing effect. To stack labels, simply drag one label on top of another. This can be useful when you want to categorize a card with multiple labels.

Using Labels for Filtering and Sorting

Now that you’ve arranged your labels on cards, it’s time to put them to good use. One of the main benefits of labels in Trello is the ability to filter and sort your tasks based on their categories or priorities.

To filter your tasks by label, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the “Filter Cards” button at the top right corner of your board.
  2. From the dropdown menu, select the label(s) you want to filter by.
  3. Trello will automatically hide all other cards and display only the ones that match your selected label(s).

You can also sort your tasks based on labels. Here’s how:

  1. Click on the “Sort Cards” button at the top right corner of your board.
  2. From the dropdown menu, select “Label” as the sorting criteria.
  3. Trello will rearrange your cards based on their labels, making it easier to prioritize and tackle your tasks.


Arranging labels in Trello is a simple yet effective way to keep your tasks organized and visually appealing. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily create and arrange labels that fit your needs. Whether you’re using Trello for personal or professional projects, mastering the art of label arrangement will undoubtedly enhance your productivity and organizational skills.