How To Answer Android Phone

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As an Android phone user, I understand the importance of efficiently answering and managing calls on my device. Here, I’ll share my personal tips and tricks for answering calls on an Android phone, along with some additional commentary to enhance your user experience.

Answering Calls on Android

When receiving a call on my Android phone, I ensure that I’m in a quiet place to answer without distractions. I swiftly tap the green phone icon and bring the device to my ear to initiate the call. This simple action allows for a seamless transition into the conversation.

Utilizing Hands-Free Options

For added convenience, I use the hands-free option to answer calls when my hands are occupied. By enabling the “Answer calls with voice” feature in the Accessibility settings, I can simply say “Answer” to pick up an incoming call without physically touching the screen.

Customizing Incoming Call Settings

One of the great aspects of Android is the ability to customize the incoming call screen. I’ve personalized my phone’s call settings to display a photo of the contact or a customized background image when receiving calls. This feature adds a personal touch and makes the calling experience more enjoyable.

Rejecting and Managing Calls

There are times when I need to reject a call. I do this by tapping the red phone icon or using the “Reject call with message” option to send a quick text message to the caller. Additionally, I use call management features to organize and prioritize my calls, such as setting specific contacts to “Do Not Disturb” mode or creating custom call rejection messages for different scenarios.


Answering calls on an Android phone is an everyday task that can be made more efficient and personalized through the use of various features and settings. By implementing these tips and incorporating your own personal touches, you can enhance your calling experience and seamlessly manage incoming calls on your Android device.