How To Add My Photo To Mailerlite Automations

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Enhancing the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns can be achieved by incorporating a personal touch into your email automations. A method of accomplishing this is by including your own image in MailerLite automations. This article will provide step-by-step instructions on how to add your photo to your MailerLite automations.

Step 1: Upload your photo

The first step is to upload your photo to MailerLite. You can do this by going to the “Profile” section in your MailerLite account. Once there, click on the “Upload photo” button and select the photo you want to use. Make sure the photo meets the required specifications (e.g., file format, size).

Step 2: Create a new automation

Once you have uploaded your photo, it’s time to create a new automation in MailerLite. Go to the “Automations” section and click on the “Create new automation” button. Choose the type of automation you want to create (e.g., Welcome series, Abandoned cart series).

Step 3: Add a personalization tag

Now, let’s add a personalization tag to your email template. Personalization tags allow you to dynamically insert content based on the recipient’s data. In this case, we will use a personalization tag to insert your photo.

To do this, open the email template editor and place your cursor where you want to insert the photo. Then, click on the “Personalization” button in the toolbar and select the “Photo” tag. MailerLite will automatically insert the tag, which will be replaced with your photo when the email is sent.

Step 4: Preview and test your automation

Before you activate your automation, it’s important to preview and test it to ensure everything looks and functions as expected. MailerLite provides a preview mode that allows you to see how your automation will appear to recipients. Make sure to check if your photo is displayed correctly.

In addition to previewing, it’s also a good idea to send test emails to yourself and any other team members who can provide feedback. This will help you identify any issues and make necessary adjustments before launching your automation.

Step 5: Activate and monitor your automation

Once you are satisfied with how your automation looks and functions, it’s time to activate it. Click on the “Activate” button in MailerLite to start running your automation. Monitor its performance regularly to ensure it is achieving the desired results.


Adding your photo to MailerLite automations is a simple yet powerful way to personalize your email marketing campaigns. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can create a more engaging and impactful experience for your subscribers. Remember to regularly review and optimize your automations to maximize their effectiveness.