How To Add Mailerlite To Story Origin

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Adding MailerLite to Story Origin is an excellent method to elevate your email marketing endeavors. As an author and avid user of both platforms, I can confidently declare the success of this integration. In this article, I will lead you through the sequential procedure of adding MailerLite to Story Origin and also impart some personal tips and techniques.

Step 1: Creating a MailerLite Account

If you haven’t already, the first step is to create an account with MailerLite. Simply visit their website at and click on the “Sign Up Free” button. Follow the instructions to set up your account, including verifying your email address.

Step 2: Setting Up Your Mailing List in MailerLite

Once you have your MailerLite account set up, it’s time to create a mailing list. This will be the list that you use to manage your subscribers and send out email campaigns. To do this, log into your MailerLite account and navigate to the “Subscribers” tab. Click on “Create New Group” and follow the prompts to create your mailing list.

Pro Tip: Take some time to think about how you want to segment your subscribers. Creating different groups within your mailing list based on interests or preferences can help you deliver targeted content and increase engagement.

Step 3: Integrating MailerLite with Story Origin

Now that you have your MailerLite account and mailing list set up, it’s time to integrate it with Story Origin. Log into your Story Origin account and navigate to the “Integrations” tab. Click on “Add Integration” and select MailerLite from the list of available options.

Follow the instructions to connect your MailerLite account with Story Origin. You may be asked to authorize access to your MailerLite account, so make sure to provide the necessary permissions. Once the integration is complete, you should see your MailerLite account listed under the “Integrations” tab in Story Origin.

Step 4: Configuring Your MailerLite Settings in Story Origin

With the integration set up, it’s time to configure your MailerLite settings in Story Origin. Navigate to the “Settings” tab in Story Origin and click on “Email List”. Here, you will be able to select the MailerLite group you want to use for your email campaigns.

Pro Tip: If you have multiple mailing lists in MailerLite, choose the one that corresponds to the audience you want to target with your Story Origin promotions.

Step 5: Using MailerLite with Story Origin

Now that everything is set up, you can start using MailerLite with Story Origin. Whenever you create a new promotion in Story Origin, you will have the option to send an email to your MailerLite subscribers. Simply select the appropriate MailerLite group and customize your email as desired.

Pro Tip: Make sure to add personal touches to your emails to make them more engaging. Address your subscribers by their first name and include relevant information or updates that will resonate with them.


By integrating MailerLite with Story Origin, you can supercharge your email marketing efforts and reach your target audience more effectively. With a few simple steps, you can connect your MailerLite account, set up your mailing list, and start utilizing the power of email marketing to promote your books and engage with your readers. So why wait? Give it a try and see the results for yourself!