How To Add Butler Bot To A Trello Board

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Adding the Butler Bot to a Trello board can greatly enhance your productivity and automate various tasks. As a productivity enthusiast, I have found the Butler Bot to be an invaluable tool in streamlining my workflow and saving me time. In this article, I will guide you through the process of adding the Butler Bot to your Trello board, and share my personal insights and tips along the way.

What is the Butler Bot?

The Butler Bot is a powerful automation tool that can help you automate repetitive tasks, create custom rules, and simplify your workflow on Trello. It allows you to define specific triggers and actions, enabling you to automate various actions based on specific conditions.

Step 1: Navigate to the Power-Ups Menu

To add the Butler Bot to your Trello board, start by navigating to the Power-Ups menu. You can find this menu by clicking on the “Show Menu” button in the top right corner of your Trello board, and then selecting “Power-Ups” from the dropdown menu.

Step 2: Search and Enable the Butler Bot

Once you are in the Power-Ups menu, you will see a search bar. Type “Butler” in the search bar to find the Butler Bot power-up. When you find it, click on the “Enable” button to add it to your board.

Step 3: Configure the Butler Bot

After enabling the Butler Bot, you will see a new option in the menu called “Butler.” Click on it to open the configuration panel.

Creating Custom Rules

The real power of the Butler Bot lies in its ability to create custom rules tailored to your specific needs. You can create rules to automate actions such as assigning due dates, moving cards, and sending notifications.

For example, let’s say you want to automate the process of assigning due dates to cards in a certain list. Click on the “Add Rule” button, and define the triggering event (e.g., when a card is added to a specific list). Then, specify the action you want the Butler Bot to perform (e.g., set a due date for the card). You can add multiple rules to create a more complex automation workflow.

Using the Command Builder

The Butler Bot also provides a command builder that allows you to create custom commands using simple natural language. This feature is incredibly useful for creating more advanced automation workflows.

For instance, you can use the command builder to create a command like “when a card is added to the ‘Important’ list, set a due date for the card 3 days from now.” This will automate the process of assigning due dates to important cards without manual intervention.


Adding the Butler Bot to your Trello board can revolutionize the way you work by automating repetitive tasks and saving you time. With its powerful automation capabilities and user-friendly interface, the Butler Bot is a must-have tool for anyone looking to optimize their Trello workflow. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily add the Butler Bot to your Trello board and start harnessing its power.