How To Add Approval Function On Trello Board

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Hello there! Today, I’d like to discuss my personal journey of implementing an approval feature for a Trello board. Trello is an excellent project management platform that facilitates teamwork and streamlines tasks. However, it doesn’t have a built-in approval system by default. So, let’s explore how you can incorporate this function onto your Trello board.

Step 1: Install the “Custom Fields” Power-Up

To enable the approval process on your Trello board, we’ll be using the “Custom Fields” Power-Up. Power-Ups are additional features that enhance the functionality of Trello boards. You can find the “Custom Fields” Power-Up by clicking on the board menu (the three dots in the top-right corner) and selecting “Power-Ups”. Search for “Custom Fields” and click “Add” to install it.

Step 2: Add a Custom Field

Once you’ve installed the “Custom Fields” Power-Up, you can add a custom field for the approval status. Click on the “Custom Fields” button in the board menu, and then click “+ Add a Custom Field”. Give your field a name, such as “Approval Status”, and choose the field type as “Checkbox” since we want a simple approval or rejection option.

Step 3: Set Up Approval Lists

Next, you’ll need to create two lists on your Trello board: one for pending items and another for approved items. You can name the lists according to your preference. To move a card from the pending list to the approved list, simply mark the card’s “Approval Status” checkbox as checked.

Step 4: Customize Card Template

It’s essential to customize your card template to include the approval field. To do this, open a card, click on the “Custom Fields” button, and select the “Approval Status” field. Make sure it’s visible on the front of the card, so you can easily see the approval status without opening the card.

Step 5: Automate Actions with Butler

Now that you have the approval process set up, you can automate actions using the Butler Power-Up. Butler allows you to create custom rules and commands to perform actions automatically. For example, you can create a rule that moves a card to the approved list when its “Approval Status” checkbox is checked.

That’s it! You’ve successfully added an approval function to your Trello board. Now, each card can have an approval status, making it easier for your team to track and manage their tasks.


The ability to add an approval function to a Trello board can greatly enhance your team’s productivity and workflow. With the help of the “Custom Fields” and “Butler” Power-Ups, you can create a seamless approval process that fits your team’s needs. So, give it a try and see how it improves your project management on Trello!