How To Add A To Do List In Trello

Including a to-do list on Trello has greatly improved my organization and task management. In this piece, I will provide step-by-step instructions on how to create and utilize a to-do list on Trello, accompanied by my own observations and insights.

Step 1: Create a new board in Trello

To get started, you’ll need to create a new board in Trello. Think of a board as a project or a category. In my case, I have different boards for work, personal projects, and hobbies. Click on the “Create new board” button and give it a name that resonates with your preferences.

Step 2: Create a list for your to-do items

Now that you have your board, it’s time to create a list for your to-do items. Click on the “Add a list” button on the right side of the board, and give your list a descriptive name. For example, you can name it “To-Do” or “Tasks.”

Step 3: Add cards to your to-do list

Within your to-do list, you can add individual tasks as cards. Each card represents a specific to-do item. To add a card, simply click on the “Add a card” button within the list and type in the task’s name. You can also add more details to the card, such as due dates, attachments, and labels.

Step 4: Organize and prioritize your to-do list

One of the great things about Trello is its flexibility in organizing and prioritizing tasks. You can easily move cards around by dragging and dropping them within a list or across different lists. This allows you to prioritize your tasks based on their importance or deadlines.

For example, I like to use labels to categorize my tasks. I assign different colors to each label to represent different contexts or projects. This helps me visually identify and focus on specific tasks when I’m working on a particular project.

Step 5: Collaborate and communicate with others

Trello is not just a personal to-do list tool; it’s also great for collaboration. You can invite others to your board and assign tasks to specific team members. This is especially useful for group projects or remote teams.

Additionally, Trello allows you to add comments and attachments to individual cards. This makes it easy to communicate with your team members and provide updates or additional information related to a specific task.


Adding a to-do list in Trello has greatly improved my productivity and organization. By creating boards, lists, and cards, I can easily keep track of my tasks and collaborate with others when needed. Whether you’re managing personal projects or working with a team, Trello provides a user-friendly and versatile platform to help you stay on top of your to-do list.