How To Add A Photo In Trello

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Uploading a photo to Trello is an excellent method for adding a personal touch to your boards and enhancing their visual appeal. This article will walk you through the process of adding a photo in Trello step by step, along with some helpful tips and my personal anecdotes.

Step 1: Open the Card

To begin, you’ll need to open the card where you want to add the photo. Simply click on the card to open it and access its details.

Step 2: Click on the Attachment Button

Next, locate the attachment button in the card’s interface. It’s usually represented by a paperclip icon. Click on the attachment button to proceed.

Step 3: Choose the Photo File

A window will now pop up, allowing you to choose the photo file you want to add. Browse through your computer files and select the desired photo. You can choose from various file formats, such as JPEG, PNG, or GIF.

Step 4: Add a Description (Optional)

Once you’ve selected the photo, you have the option to add a description. This can be helpful for providing additional context or information about the photo. For example, if you’re using Trello for a project, you can add a description to explain how the photo relates to the project.

Step 5: Upload the Photo

After adding a description (or if you choose to skip this step), click the “Upload” button to upload the photo to your Trello card. Depending on the file size and your internet connection speed, the upload may take a few seconds to complete.

Step 6: View and Manage the Photo

Once the photo is uploaded, you’ll be able to see it within the card. Depending on the size of the photo, it may be displayed as a thumbnail or in its full size. You can click on the photo to view it in more detail or perform actions such as rotating, downloading, or deleting the photo.

Now that you know how to add a photo in Trello, you can start customizing your boards and making them more visually appealing. Adding personal touches, like photos, can also help you stay motivated and engaged with your projects.


In conclusion, adding a photo in Trello is a simple yet effective way to personalize your boards and enhance visual representation. By following the steps outlined above, you can easily upload photos to your Trello cards and make them more engaging. So go ahead, give it a try, and let your creativity shine through!