How To Add A Member To A Board In Trello

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Adding a team member to a Trello board is a straightforward and effective method for working together and organizing projects. As a frequent user of Trello for project management, I can guarantee that adding a member to a board is effortless. In this article, I will walk you through the steps and offer some personal tips along the way.

Step 1: Open the board

To begin, open the Trello board to which you want to add a member. If you’re already signed in to your Trello account, you can easily access your boards from the homepage. Alternatively, you can click on the “Boards” link in the header and select the board you want to work with.

Step 2: Access the board menu

Once you’re on the board, locate the board menu on the right-hand side of the screen. The board menu is represented by three horizontal lines, often referred to as the “burger menu.” Click on it to expand the menu options.

Step 3: Select “Members”

Within the board menu, you will see various options. Look for the “Members” option and click on it. This will open a pop-up window displaying the current board members.

Step 4: Add a member

In the members window, you will see a search bar where you can enter the name or email address of the person you want to add to the board. As you start typing, Trello will automatically suggest members from your organization. Select the desired member from the suggestions or enter their full email address.

If the person you want to add is not already a member of your organization, you can invite them by entering their email address. Trello will send an invitation to join the board via email.

Step 5: Set member permissions

Before finalizing the addition of the member, you can specify their permissions within the board. Trello offers three levels of permissions: observer, normal, and admin. Observers have read-only access, normal members can edit cards and make changes, while admins have full control and can modify board settings.

Choose the appropriate permission level for the new member based on their role in the project. Keep in mind that you can always adjust these settings later if needed.

Step 6: Confirm the addition

After setting the member’s permissions, click on the “Add” or “Invite” button to confirm the addition. Trello will instantly add the member to the board and they will receive a notification (if they are already a Trello user) or an invitation email (if inviting a new member).

Once added, the new member will be able to access and collaborate on the board, contributing to the success of the project.


Adding a member to a board in Trello is an essential step in building a collaborative environment for project management. By following the simple steps outlined in this article, you can easily bring team members on board and streamline your workflow. So, go ahead and start adding members to your Trello boards today!