How To Add A Mailerlite Landing Page To WordPress

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Integrating a MailerLite landing page into your WordPress site can significantly improve its lead generation potential. In this guide, I will provide you with thorough, step-by-step instructions for a smooth integration. I have personally implemented this technique on my own website and can attest to its success.

Step 1: Create a MailerLite Landing Page

To begin, log in to your MailerLite account and navigate to the landing page builder. Choose a template that suits your branding and modify it to your liking. You can add your own images, text, and forms to make it truly personalized. Once you are satisfied with your landing page design, save and publish it.

Step 2: Install and Activate the MailerLite Plugin

In your WordPress dashboard, go to the “Plugins” section and click on “Add New.” Search for the MailerLite plugin and click “Install Now” when you find it. After installation, activate the plugin.

Step 3: Connect MailerLite with WordPress

Once the plugin is activated, go to the “MailerLite” tab in your WordPress dashboard. Click on “Connect with MailerLite” and authorize the plugin to access your MailerLite account. This will establish a connection between your WordPress site and MailerLite.

Step 4: Add the Landing Page to Your WordPress Site

Now that the connection is established, you can start adding the landing page to your WordPress site. In the MailerLite plugin settings, click on the “Landing Pages” tab. Choose the landing page you created earlier and click on “Add to WP Pages.”

Step 5: Customize the Landing Page in WordPress

Once the landing page is added to your WordPress site, you can further customize it to fit your website’s design. Edit the page content, layout, and settings using the WordPress editor. You can also preview the landing page to ensure it looks exactly as you intended.

Step 6: Publish Your MailerLite Landing Page

After customizing the landing page, click on the “Publish” button to make it live on your website. You can then navigate to the landing page URL and test it to ensure it is functioning properly. This is a great opportunity to add a personal touch by adding a testimonial or a call-to-action specific to your website.


Adding a MailerLite landing page to WordPress is a simple and effective way to generate leads and grow your email list. By following these steps, you can seamlessly integrate your MailerLite landing page into your WordPress site and start reaping the benefits. With a personalized touch, your landing page will not only capture attention but also convert visitors into subscribers. Take the next step in optimizing your website’s lead generation capabilities today!