How Ot Change Title With Css

CSS Programming

Changing the title of a webpage using CSS is a handy technique that can help make your website stand out. I’ve always found it intriguing how a simple change in the title can have a significant impact on the overall design. Let’s dive into the details of how to achieve this with CSS.

Understanding the Title Tag

The title tag, denoted as <title>, is an essential part of an HTML document. It is not visible on the actual webpage but is displayed on the browser’s title bar or tab. The content within the title tag is what shows up in search engine results and social media previews, making it an important element for improving user experience and search engine optimization.

Changing the Title with CSS

While it’s not possible to change the content of the title tag directly using CSS, there are workarounds to achieve a similar effect. One method is by using JavaScript to dynamically modify the title, but if we want to stick to CSS, we can utilize pseudo-elements to add content before or after the existing title text.

Here’s a sample CSS code to prepend the existing title with a custom text:

      h1::before {
        content: "New Title: ";

Personalizing the Title

Now comes the fun part – personalizing the title to match the theme or branding of your website. Whether it’s adding decorative elements, changing the font, or animating the title text, there are numerous creative possibilities to explore. By tweaking the styles using CSS properties like color, font-family, text-shadow, and transition, you can create a unique and eye-catching title for your webpage.

Best Practices

While experimenting with title customization, it’s important to keep in mind the usability and accessibility aspects. Avoid making the title too long, as it may get cut off in the browser tab. Additionally, ensure that the title remains relevant to the page content and doesn’t mislead users.


Being able to change the title with CSS opens up a world of creative opportunities for web designers. It’s a subtle yet impactful way to enhance the visual appeal of a webpage. By understanding the limitations and employing best practices, you can effectively leverage CSS to craft an engaging and memorable title for your website.