How Old Is Android 21

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Android 21 is a character from the Dragon Ball series, specifically from the Dragon Ball FighterZ video game. She made her first appearance in the game, and her age is not explicitly mentioned in the game or related materials. However, based on her appearance and storyline, it can be inferred that she is quite young, possibly in her late twenties.

Android 21 is an interesting character because she is a unique addition to the Dragon Ball universe. Her design and background as an android with a human-like appearance make her stand out among the other characters. Additionally, her complex personality and storyline add depth to the game’s narrative.

Character Background

Android 21 was initially a human who became an android, and her backstory is intricately tied to the game’s plot. Her scientific expertise and connection to the other characters, such as Android 16 and Dr. Gero, contribute to her significance in the storyline.

Gameplay and Abilities

In Dragon Ball FighterZ, Android 21 is a playable character with a unique set of abilities. She has the ability to absorb the traits of other characters, which adds a fascinating dynamic to the gameplay. Her moveset and playstyle make her a compelling choice for players who enjoy a diverse and strategic approach to combat.

Reception and Impact

Since her introduction, Android 21 has garnered a significant fan following and has become a popular character in the Dragon Ball community. Her intriguing backstory, distinctive design, and compelling role in the game have contributed to her positive reception among players.

Personal Commentary

As a fan of the Dragon Ball series and a gamer, I find Android 21 to be a refreshing addition to the franchise. Her mysterious background and powerful abilities make her a captivating character to explore within the game. The depth of her storyline and the impact she has on the overall narrative add an exciting layer to the Dragon Ball universe.


Android 21’s age may not be explicitly stated, but her impact on the Dragon Ball FighterZ game is undeniable. As a fan, I look forward to seeing how her character continues to evolve and influence the series in the future.