How Not To Get Idle Kicked From A Rust Server

Rust Programming

As a passionate Rust player, I understand the frustration of getting kicked from a server due to inactivity. It disrupts the flow of the game and can be annoying, especially when you return to find yourself back at square one. To help fellow players avoid this inconvenience, I have compiled a comprehensive guide on how to avoid getting idle kicked from a Rust server.

Understanding Idle Kicks in Rust

Before diving into the strategies to avoid being kicked for idling, it’s important to understand why servers implement this feature. Idle kicks are typically enforced by server administrators to free up slots for active players and ensure that resources are not wasted on inactive connections.

Active Engagement

Staying engaged in the game is the most effective way to prevent being kicked for idling. Whether you are gathering resources, building structures, or engaging in PvP encounters, staying active is the key. Exploring the game world, participating in events, or teaming up with other players are great ways to maintain activity and avoid getting kicked.

Automate Resource Gathering

Utilizing in-game mechanisms to automate resource gathering can help maintain activity while minimizing the risk of being idle kicked. For example, setting up automated mining operations or automated farming can keep your character busy even when you are momentarily away from the keyboard.

Strategic AFK Timing

When a situation arises that requires you to be away from the game for a brief period, it’s essential to find a safe and secluded spot to keep your character active. Prioritizing safety is crucial to prevent your character from being vulnerable to attacks or environmental hazards while you are away.

Utilize the /afk Command

Rust offers an /afk command that allows players to indicate their temporary absence. Utilizing this command can notify other players and moderators that you are temporarily away, reducing the likelihood of being mistaken for an inactive player and getting kicked from the server.

Stay Informed About Server Policies

Every Rust server may have its own set of rules and policies regarding idling and AFK behavior. It’s important to familiarize yourself with these regulations to avoid inadvertently violating server guidelines. Additionally, staying informed about any server-specific plugins or commands related to idling can help you adapt your playstyle accordingly.


By staying actively engaged, leveraging in-game features, and respecting server rules, players can minimize the risk of being kicked for idling. Whether you are embarking on solo adventures or collaborating with other players, implementing these strategies will enhance your gaming experience while avoiding unnecessary disruptions.