How Much To Change Light Bulbs In A 200crystler R

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Changing light bulbs in a 200 Chrysler R can be a straightforward process, but it’s essential to have the right tools and a bit of patience. As a car enthusiast who has taken on numerous DIY projects, I’ve found that changing the light bulbs in my Chrysler R not only keeps my vehicle safe but also adds a personal touch to its appearance.

Gathering the Right Tools

Before I delve into changing the light bulbs, I always ensure that I have the necessary tools handy. For the 200 Chrysler R, a set of screwdrivers, a pair of gloves, and the replacement light bulbs are essential. I also make sure to have a clean cloth for handling the new bulbs, as any dirt or oil on the surface can affect their performance.

Locating the Bulb Housing

Once I’m ready, I start the process by locating the bulb housing, which can vary based on the specific light I’m replacing. For the headlights, I pop the hood to access the rear of the headlight assembly. On the other hand, for the rear lights, I access the bulbs through the trunk. A quick look at the owner’s manual can provide the exact location and guide me through the process.

Removing the Old Bulbs

With the housing exposed, I carefully remove the old bulbs. This often involves twisting the bulb socket counterclockwise or gently pressing on the bulb and turning it to release it from the socket. I take care to avoid unnecessary force, as excessive pressure can damage the housing or the socket, leading to additional repairs.

Installing the New Bulbs

Before installing the new bulbs, I double-check that they match the specifications outlined in the manual. Using the clean cloth, I handle the new bulbs to prevent any contaminants from affecting their lifespan. I insert the new bulbs into the socket and secure them by twisting clockwise or firmly pressing them in, depending on the specific design.

Testing the Lights

After installing the new bulbs, I always test the lights to ensure they are functioning correctly. This involves turning on the headlights, hazard lights, and brake lights before closing the housing. It’s a reassuring step that gives me peace of mind, knowing that I’ve successfully completed the replacement.


Changing the light bulbs in my 200 Chrysler R has become a rewarding routine, allowing me to maintain the vehicle’s safety and appearance with a personal touch. As with any DIY task, I always take the time to research and proceed with caution to ensure a successful outcome.