How Much Powershell Is On 70-697


When I was preparing for the 70-697 exam, I was pleasantly surprised by the significant focus on PowerShell. As a Windows system administrator, I already had some experience with PowerShell, but delving into its intricacies for the exam was both challenging and rewarding.

The Significance of PowerShell in 70-697

PowerShell is an essential tool for system administrators as it allows for automation and management of Windows operating systems. In the context of the 70-697 exam, PowerShell is tested as a critical skill for system configuration, device management, and data access and protection.

The exam extensively covers PowerShell in areas such as managing and maintaining Windows, configuring network connectivity, and implementing Windows in the enterprise. It’s clear that a strong grasp of PowerShell is a key differentiator for success in this exam.

PowerShell Core Skills Tested

The exam assesses candidates on their ability to write, understand, and interpret PowerShell scripts. This includes the creation of scripts to automate common tasks, manage Windows OS features and services, configure networking settings, and perform system troubleshooting using PowerShell cmdlets. Additionally, the exam evaluates knowledge of PowerShell remoting and its application in managing remote systems.

It’s important for candidates to be well-versed in PowerShell’s scripting capabilities, including the use of variables, loops, conditional statements, and error handling. Familiarity with PowerShell’s object-based pipeline and the integration of commands through piping and filtering is also essential for success in the exam.

Advanced PowerShell Topics

Besides basic scripting, the 70-697 exam dives into more advanced PowerShell topics such as Desired State Configuration (DSC) and the use of PowerShell for Active Directory management. Understanding DSC and its role in maintaining consistent system configurations is imperative for exam success. Additionally, candidates should be proficient in using PowerShell to manage user accounts, groups, and organizational units within Active Directory.

Personal Experience and Advice

Studying for the PowerShell-centric aspects of the 70-697 exam was a valuable learning experience for me. It reinforced the importance of PowerShell as a core skill for modern system administrators. My advice for fellow exam takers is to immerse themselves in PowerShell scripting, practice writing and executing various scripts, and explore its application in system administration tasks. Leveraging resources such as Microsoft’s official documentation and online PowerShell communities can provide insights and practical examples to deepen your understanding.


Mastering PowerShell is not only crucial for success in the 70-697 exam but also for excelling in real-world system administration roles. The exam’s emphasis on PowerShell reaffirms its significance in modern IT environments and underscores the value of investing time and effort in honing this skill.