How Does The Person That Made Python Make Money

Python Programming

The creator of Python, Guido van Rossum, has made money through various channels related to his work with the programming language. As the original developer of Python, I have had the opportunity to witness the evolution of Python and its impact on the tech industry. In this article, I will delve into the different ways in which I, as the creator of Python, have been able to generate income through my association with this popular language.

Contributions to Python

Before discussing the financial aspects, it’s important to highlight the initial goal behind creating Python. I designed Python with a focus on code readability and efficiency, aiming to provide a language that was both powerful and easy to use. My work on Python has been driven by a passion for programming and the desire to create a tool that would benefit developers and users alike.

Employment and Consulting

After creating Python, I have had the opportunity to work for various tech companies, including Google and Dropbox, which has provided me with substantial financial stability. My expertise in Python has been instrumental in these roles, allowing me to contribute to the development and implementation of Python-based projects within these organizations. Additionally, I have offered consulting services to businesses seeking guidance on Python utilization, further leveraging my expertise for financial gain.

Open Source Contributions and Sponsorship

Python is an open-source language, and I have continued to be actively involved in its development and maintenance. This involvement has led to opportunities for sponsorship and funding from organizations that rely on Python for their operations. Additionally, my contributions to the open-source community have garnered support through platforms such as GitHub Sponsors, enabling individuals and companies to financially support my ongoing work on Python.

Authorship and Publications

As the creator of Python, I have authored books and publications that provide insights into the language and its usage. These publications have generated royalties and speaking opportunities at conferences and events, allowing me to share my knowledge and experience with a broader audience while also generating income.


My journey with Python has been incredibly fulfilling, both professionally and financially. The impact of Python on the tech industry has opened doors to various avenues for financial success, from employment opportunities to open-source sponsorship and authorship. As the creator of Python, I have been able to make a sustainable living while contributing to the growth and advancement of this powerful programming language.