How Do You Sort In Google Sheets

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Sorting data in Google Sheets is a crucial part of my workflow and has saved me countless hours of manual organization. Whether I’m working on a complex project or simply managing my personal finances, being able to sort data efficiently is a game-changer.

Basic Sorting in Google Sheets

When I need to sort a range of cells in Google Sheets, I typically start by highlighting the entire range or selecting the column I want to sort by clicking on the column header. Then, I head to the “Data” menu and click on “Sort range.”

Once the “Sort range” dialog box pops up, I choose the column I want to sort by and the order – either ascending or descending. This simple process works like a charm for most of my basic sorting needs.

Sorting by Multiple Columns

There are times when I need to take sorting a step further and sort by multiple columns. Google Sheets makes this possible by using the “Sort range” tool and selecting the “Add another sort column” button. I find this feature particularly useful when I’m dealing with complex datasets that require nuanced organization.

Sorting with Filters

One of my favorite features in Google Sheets is the ability to sort data using filters. By clicking on the filter icon in the column header, I can quickly sort and filter my data without needing to go through the “Sort range” dialog. This is incredibly handy when I want to apply specific sorting criteria without rearranging the entire dataset.

Advanced Sorting Options

For more advanced sorting tasks, Google Sheets offers scripting capabilities using Google Apps Script. Through custom scripts, I’ve been able to automate complex sorting processes and tailor the sorting behavior to suit my unique needs. Although delving into scripting may seem daunting at first, the payoff in efficiency and customization is well worth the initial learning curve.


Sorting data in Google Sheets is an essential skill that has greatly improved my productivity. Whether it’s for work or personal use, the ability to quickly and accurately arrange my data has been a game-changer. With basic, advanced, and customizable sorting features, Google Sheets continues to be my go-to tool for efficient data organization.