How Do You Round In Java

Java Programming

When it comes to working with numbers in Java, it’s important to have a good understanding of rounding. Rounding is the process of approximating a number to a specified precision. In Java, there are several ways to round numbers, depending on your specific needs.

The Math.round() Method

One of the simplest ways to round a number in Java is by using the Math.round() method. This method takes a single argument, which is the number you want to round, and returns the rounded value as a long.

For example, let’s say we have the number 3.7 and we want to round it to the nearest whole number. We can use the Math.round() method to accomplish this:

double number = 3.7;
long roundedNumber = Math.round(number);

In this case, the value of roundedNumber would be 4. The Math.round() method uses a “round-half-up” strategy, which means that if the decimal part is exactly halfway between two whole numbers, it will round to the nearest even number.

Rounding to a Specific Decimal Place

While the Math.round() method is great for rounding to the nearest whole number, what if you need to round to a specific decimal place? Java provides a solution for this as well.

To round to a specific decimal place, you can use the BigDecimal class. This class provides more precise calculations than the primitive data types like double or float.

Here’s an example of how to round a number to two decimal places:

double number = 3.78542;
BigDecimal roundedNumber = new BigDecimal(number).setScale(2, RoundingMode.HALF_UP);

In this case, the value of roundedNumber would be 3.79. The setScale() method is used to specify the number of decimal places you want to round to, and the RoundingMode.HALF_UP argument tells Java to round according to the “round-half-up” strategy.


Rounding numbers in Java is a fundamental skill that every programmer should have. Whether you need to round to the nearest whole number or a specific decimal place, Java provides a variety of methods to accomplish this task.

By understanding how to use the Math.round() method and the BigDecimal class, you can confidently handle rounding in your Java programs. So go ahead and start rounding those numbers with precision!