How Do You Make Customers Feel Important Toys R Us

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Working at Toys “R” Us has taught me the value of making customers feel important and appreciated. It’s not just about selling toys; it’s about creating a memorable experience that keeps families coming back. Here are some strategies we use to add personal touches and make our customers feel truly valued.

Creating a Welcoming Atmosphere

Walking into a toy store should feel like stepping into a world of endless possibilities. We ensure that our store is well-lit, organized, and brimming with colorful displays. The layout is designed to be inviting and easy to navigate, making it a stress-free experience for parents and a wonderland for kids.

Genuine Conversations

At Toys “R” Us, we emphasize genuine conversation over scripted interactions. When a customer walks in, it’s not just about reciting a sales spiel. Instead, we take the time to really listen to what they’re looking for. This personal attention helps us understand their needs and make tailored recommendations.

Personalized Recommendations

Rather than just pointing customers to the latest bestseller, we delve deeper. Getting to know the child’s interests and preferences enables us to provide personalized recommendations. Whether it’s a classic board game or the hottest new action figure, the goal is to make each purchase feel special and thoughtfully chosen.

Celebrating Milestones

Birthdays, holidays, and special achievements are big deals in a child’s life. At Toys “R” Us, we take these moments seriously too. We offer personalized gift-wrapping services and can even help create customized gift bundles. This attention to detail conveys that we understand the significance of these milestones and want to make them memorable for both the gift-giver and the recipient.

Interactive Events

Beyond just purchasing toys, we organize interactive events like game nights or LEGO building competitions. These events provide opportunities for families to bond and create lasting memories. It’s not just about sales; it’s about fostering a sense of community and joy for our customers.


Making customers feel important at Toys “R” Us goes beyond transactions; it’s about building genuine connections and creating a magical experience for both kids and parents. By adding personal touches and going the extra mile, we aim to be more than just a store – we strive to be a trusted partner in creating cherished childhood memories.