How Do You Like A Text Message On Android

Android Apps

When it comes to liking a text message on an Android device, the process is quite simple and can be a useful feature for expressing appreciation or agreement with a received message.

To like a text message on my Android device, I first open the messaging app and navigate to the specific conversation containing the message I want to like. Once I find the message, I press and hold on it until a menu of options appears. From the menu, I select the “Like” or “Heart” icon, depending on the messaging app I am using. This action effectively sends a notification to the sender that I have liked their message.

It’s worth noting that the ability to like a message may vary between different messaging apps on Android, as some apps may have different interfaces and features. However, most popular messaging apps, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Android’s default messaging app, support the ability to like messages in some form.

Personally, I find the feature of liking a text message on Android to be a convenient way to quickly acknowledge a message without having to type out a response. It can be especially handy when I receive a message that doesn’t necessarily require a full reply, but I still want to show the sender that I have seen and appreciate their message.

Another aspect of liking text messages on Android is the visual representation within the chat thread. Typically, when I like a message, a small heart or thumbs-up icon appears next to the liked message, providing a visual indication of my reaction. This visual feedback can add a more personal touch to the conversation and can serve as a form of non-verbal communication.

Overall, the ability to like text messages on Android serves as a simple yet effective feature for expressing acknowledgment and agreement within conversations. It’s a feature that I find myself using frequently in my day-to-day communication, and it has become a natural part of how I interact with messages on my Android device.


In conclusion, liking a text message on Android is a straightforward process that adds a layer of expressiveness and convenience to messaging interactions. With just a simple tap or press, I can convey my acknowledgment and appreciation for received messages, enhancing the overall communication experience.