How Do You Get Rid Of The Banned Of Css

It can be quite frustrating when you encounter the dreaded “banned of CSS,” also known as the “FOUC” (Flash of Unstyled Content), especially when you have put in the effort to create a beautiful, visually appealing website. As a web developer, I have faced this issue numerous times, and through trial and error, I’ve discovered some effective ways to mitigate and ultimately eliminate this issue.

Understanding the Bane of CSS

The Flash of Unstyled Content occurs when a web page initially loads with unstyled or incorrectly styled content, only to be later updated with the appropriate styles. This abrupt change in appearance can disrupt the user experience and make the website feel unprofessional. The root cause of this issue typically lies in the way browsers prioritize the loading of assets, leading to a delay in applying the intended styles.

Preventing FOUC with Proper CSS Organization

One of the fundamental steps in combating FOUC is to ensure that your CSS is well-organized and efficiently delivered to the browser. By strategically placing your CSS files in the <head> section of your HTML documents, you can ensure that the styles are loaded before the content, minimizing the chances of unstyled content flashing on the screen.

Utilizing Critical CSS

Critical CSS refers to the subset of your styles that are required to render the above-the-fold content of your web page. By inlining this critical CSS directly within your HTML, you can guarantee that the essential styles are applied immediately, preventing any unstyled content from being displayed to the user. Tools like critical can assist in automating the generation of critical CSS for your website.

Optimizing Loading with Preload and Prefetch

Leveraging the preload and prefetch techniques can significantly improve the loading of CSS files, thereby reducing the likelihood of FOUC. By instructing the browser to fetch necessary CSS resources in advance, you can ensure that the styles are readily available when needed, minimizing any delay in their application.


In conclusion, banishing the bane of CSS, the Flash of Unstyled Content, requires a holistic approach that encompasses efficient CSS organization, critical CSS implementation, and strategic resource loading. By incorporating these techniques into your web development workflow, you can create a smoother and more polished user experience while ensuring that your website’s visual appeal remains intact from the moment it loads.