How Do You Copy A Formula In Excel

Hey there! Copying formulas in Excel can be a real time saver. Let me show you how I do it.

Basic Method:

First, I always make sure to select the cell with the formula that I want to copy. Then I move the cursor to the bottom right corner of the selected cell. When the cursor turns into a thin black cross, I click and drag to the cells where I want to paste the formula. This action copies the formula to the new cells and adjusts the cell references automatically. It’s like magic!

Copying to Adjacent Cells:

Sometimes, I need to copy a formula to cells adjacent to the original. To do this, I click the cell with the formula, and then press Ctrl + C to copy it. Next, I select the range of cells where I want to paste the formula and press Ctrl + V. Easy peasy!

Copying the Formula Only:

If I want to copy just the formula without the formatting or other attributes, I use the “Copy” and “Paste Special” feature. After selecting the cell with the formula, I press Ctrl + C to copy it, then right-click on the destination cell, choose “Paste Special”, and select “Formulas”. This ensures that only the formula is pasted, without any additional formatting.

Using Absolute References:

Sometimes, I find it helpful to use absolute references when copying formulas. I do this by manually adding dollar signs before the column letter and row number in the formula. This prevents the cell references from changing when I copy the formula to new cells.


Mastering the art of copying formulas in Excel has definitely boosted my productivity. Whether it’s a simple drag-and-drop or a more complex “Paste Special” operation, these techniques have saved me countless hours. I encourage you to practice these methods and find your own rhythm. Happy computing!