How Do You Change Look On R

R Programming

Changing the look of R is a great way to personalize your coding environment and make it more visually appealing. As a data scientist, I often spend long hours working in R, so having a customized look can make a big difference in my coding experience.

Choosing a Color Scheme

One of the first steps I take to change the look of R is to choose a color scheme that suits my taste and is easy on the eyes. There are several pre-built color schemes available, but I prefer to create my own using the colorspace package. This allows me to select custom colors for syntax highlighting, background, and text, giving my R environment a unique and personalized feel.

Customizing the Editor

Next, I like to customize the R code editor to improve readability and streamline my workflow. I often adjust the font size, style, and line spacing to make the code more legible. Additionally, I utilize plugins like retidy to format my code automatically, which saves me time and ensures a consistent style throughout my scripts.

Adding Custom Themes

To add a personal touch to my R environment, I often create custom themes using the rstudioapi package. This allows me to design unique themes with specific font styles, colors, and layout configurations. I also enjoy experimenting with different theme options to find the perfect combination that reflects my personality and coding preferences.


Customizing the look of R not only enhances the visual appeal of the coding environment, but it also contributes to a more enjoyable and productive coding experience. By carefully selecting color schemes, customizing the editor, and adding personalized themes, I can create a workspace that feels uniquely mine and inspires creativity in my data analysis and visualization projects.