How Do You Bash The Door In Fracture Hills

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Fracture Hills is a level in the classic game, Spyro the Dragon, filled with quirky characters and challenging tasks. One of the most infamous challenges is “Bash the Door,” where the player must figure out how to open a door without a conventional key. Let’s delve into this unique and somewhat frustrating quest.

Understanding the Task

When I first encountered the “Bash the Door” challenge in Fracture Hills, I was perplexed. The door appeared solid and impenetrable, and I couldn’t find a key or lever to open it. After communicating with the NPCs in the level, I realized that the key was not a physical object but a skill that I needed to master.

Mastering the Art of Head-Bashing

The solution to the challenge is the head-bash move. To execute this move, I had to jump and press the triangle button at the apex of Spyro’s jump. It took some practice to get the timing right, but once I nailed it, I felt a sense of accomplishment. With the head-bash move in my arsenal, I was ready to take on the door.

Tackling the Door

Approaching the door, I made sure to position Spyro correctly and gauged the distance carefully. As I prepared for the jump, I couldn’t help but feel a surge of excitement and anticipation. With a deep breath, I hit the jump button, and at the perfect moment, I pressed the triangle button to initiate the head-bash. Spyro’s head made contact with the door, and to my relief, it budged!

Success and Rewards

After several attempts, I finally succeeded in bashing the door open. Stepping through to the other side, I was greeted with a new area to explore and additional challenges to conquer. The feeling of triumph was incredibly rewarding, and it made me appreciate the clever game design that encouraged me to think outside the box.


Bashing the door in Fracture Hills was a memorable and satisfying experience. It taught me the value of persistence and creative problem-solving. The unconventional nature of the challenge added an extra layer of fun to the game, and it’s a moment I won’t soon forget.