How Do I Uninstall An Xbox Beta App For Powershell

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Uninstalling an Xbox beta app using PowerShell is a straightforward process, especially for those who are comfortable with command-line interfaces. I’ll walk you through the steps and provide some insights along the way.

Uninstalling Xbox Beta App using PowerShell

First, open PowerShell with administrative privileges. To do this, right-click on the Start menu, select “Windows PowerShell (Admin)” and then click “Yes” in the User Account Control dialog.

Now that PowerShell is open and ready, let’s start by finding the Xbox beta app package name. We can do this by running the following command:

Get-AppxPackage *XboxApp*

This command will display information about the installed Xbox beta app, including the package full name, version, and other details. Once you have located the package name, we can proceed to uninstall the app.

To uninstall the Xbox beta app, use the following command, replacing PackageFullName with the actual package full name you obtained in the previous step:

Remove-AppxPackage -package

After executing this command, PowerShell will process the request, and upon completion, the Xbox beta app should be uninstalled from your system.

Personal Commentary

Uninstalling apps via PowerShell is a handy skill to have, especially for users who prefer command-line interfaces over graphical user interfaces. While it may seem complex at first, it becomes relatively straightforward with practice. Plus, there’s a certain satisfaction that comes with efficiently executing commands to manage your system.

Although uninstalling the Xbox beta app via PowerShell isn’t something you do every day, knowing how to use PowerShell for app management can be beneficial for various scenarios beyond just uninstalling apps.


Uninstalling the Xbox beta app using PowerShell is a quick and efficient process once you are familiar with the necessary commands. Remember to exercise caution when using PowerShell, especially with administrative privileges, and always ensure you have the correct package name before executing uninstall commands.