How Do I Copy Contacts From Android To Iphone

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Transferring contacts from an Android to an iPhone is a common concern when making the switch to a new device. When I made the transition, I found the process easier than expected, but it did require some steps. Let me share my experience and guide you through the process.

Gather Your Android Contacts

First, I made sure that all my contacts were synced to my Google account. This ensured that my contacts were backed up and easily accessible for the transfer to my new iPhone. To do this, I opened the Contacts app on my Android device, tapped the three-dot menu, selected “Manage contacts,” and chose “Import/Export contacts.” From there, I selected “Export” to save the contacts to my Google account. If your contacts aren’t already synced with a Google account, I highly recommend doing this before proceeding.

Sync Google Account with iPhone

With my contacts safely stored in my Google account, I proceeded to set up my iPhone. During the setup process, I selected to add an existing Google account. Once added, I made sure that the “Contacts” option was enabled in the account settings to ensure that my Google contacts would sync to my iPhone.

Wait for Contacts to Sync

After setting up the Google account on my iPhone, I patiently waited for the contacts to sync. Depending on the number of contacts, this process might take some time. Once the sync was complete, I opened the Contacts app on my iPhone and confirmed that all my Android contacts were now available.

Additional Tools and Tips

If you encounter any issues with the sync or have contacts that are not associated with your Google account, you can also consider using third-party apps or services to facilitate the transfer. One such app that I found useful is “Copy My Data,” which allows for easy cross-platform transfer of contacts and other data.


Transferring contacts from my Android to my new iPhone was a smooth process, thanks to the synchronization capabilities of Google accounts. By ensuring that my contacts were backed up and synced to my Google account, I was able to seamlessly access them on my iPhone. If you’re making the switch, remember to always back up your data and utilize the syncing options available to make the transition hassle-free.