How Assign Trello Cards To Employees

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Assigning Trello cards to team members is an essential component of effective project management. With years of experience using Trello, I cannot emphasize enough the significance of this tool in facilitating seamless teamwork and effective delegation of tasks. In the following article, I will guide you through the steps to assign Trello cards to employees, sharing my personal tips and insights along the way.

Why Assigning Trello Cards is Important

Before diving into the details, let me highlight why assigning Trello cards to employees is such a game-changer. By assigning specific tasks to individuals, you are clarifying responsibilities and fostering accountability within your team. This not only helps in better task tracking but also ensures that everyone knows what they need to do, reducing any overlaps or confusion.

The Steps to Assign Trello Cards

Alright, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of assigning Trello cards. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you through the process:

  1. Start by opening the Trello board or project that houses the card you want to assign.
  2. Click on the card you wish to assign to an employee. This will open up the card details.
  3. In the card details, look for the section titled “Members”.
  4. Click on the “Add Members” button.
  5. A pop-up window will appear, displaying a list of all the members in your team. Select the employee you want to assign the card to by clicking on their name.
  6. Once you’ve selected the employee, click on the “Add” button to assign the card to them.

It’s as simple as that! After following these steps, the card will now display the assigned employee’s avatar, making it clear to everyone who is responsible for that specific task.

Additional Tips for Effective Card Assignment

While the basic process of assigning Trello cards is straightforward, here are a few additional tips to make the most out of this feature:

  • Make sure to communicate with your team members when assigning cards. Providing context and clear expectations ensures better understanding.
  • Consider using due dates and labels to further enhance task management.
  • Regularly review and update the card assignments to accommodate any changes in project priorities or team dynamics.


Assigning Trello cards to employees is a simple yet powerful way to streamline your project management processes. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can ensure that tasks are efficiently allocated and everyone on your team is on the same page. Remember to communicate effectively and make use of additional features like due dates and labels to maximize your team’s productivity.