Don-chan And Katsu-chan’s Birthday Bash


Don-chan and Katsu-chan’s birthday bash was an event to remember! The celebration was filled with joy, laughter, and plenty of delicious treats. As a tech enthusiast, I made sure to capture all the best moments from the party using my trusty DSLR camera and a couple of exciting tech gadgets.

Party Preparations

The planning for the birthday bash started weeks in advance. I took on the role of creating a stunning digital invitation using HTML and CSS. The RSVP form was linked to a Google Sheet, allowing for easy tracking of guest responses and dietary restrictions.

I also set up a Raspberry Pi-powered photo booth, complete with a camera module and an LCD display. Guests had a blast taking fun and silly pictures, all automatically saved to a shared folder on the cloud.

Custom Tech Gifts

For the birthday twins, I decided to get creative with personalized tech gifts. Don-chan, being a gaming enthusiast, received a custom-designed gaming keyboard with RGB lighting that matched his favorite game’s color scheme. Meanwhile, Katsu-chan, a photography lover, was thrilled to receive a handheld gimbal stabilizer for her smartphone, perfect for capturing smooth and professional-looking videos.

Interactive LED Decor

To add some extra flair to the party venue, I designed and programmed interactive LED decor using an Arduino board. The LED lights changed color and patterns based on the music playing, creating a mesmerizing and immersive visual experience for everyone in attendance.

Entertainment Tech Setup

The entertainment system was a highlight of the party. I set up a projector with a motorized screen to display a montage of memorable moments shared with Don-chan and Katsu-chan. The audio was delivered through a state-of-the-art soundbar, ensuring crystal-clear sound quality for the heartfelt speeches and fun karaoke sessions.

Capture Every Moment

Throughout the celebration, I made use of my 360-degree camera to capture immersive footage of the party. The footage was later edited using Adobe Premiere Pro, incorporating dynamic transitions and upbeat music to create a lively video recap that Don-chan and Katsu-chan could cherish for years to come.

Culinary Tech Fusion

The birthday bash wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the fusion of culinary delights and tech. The highlight was a 3D-printed birthday cake topper, modeled and printed using a consumer-grade 3D printer. The topper depicted Don-chan and Katsu-chan in a comical pose, adding a tech-infused touch to the traditional birthday cake.


The birthday bash for Don-chan and Katsu-chan was a true representation of how technology can enhance and elevate celebratory moments. From personalized tech gifts to innovative party decor, every aspect of the event was infused with a touch of tech magic, creating unforgettable memories for everyone involved.