Does Zima Gear Still Make Cascade R Decasl

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It’s been quite a journey searching for the answer to whether Zima Gear still produces Cascade R decals. As a passionate lacrosse player and gear enthusiast, the customization of my equipment has always been a top priority. The decals on my Cascade R helmet have always been a point of personal pride, so the news of a potential discontinuation was quite concerning.

After diving into the depths of the internet and reaching out to various sources, I finally have some clarity to share.

What Are Cascade R Decals?

The Cascade R helmet is a staple in the lacrosse community, known for its quality, comfort, and safety features. Customizing the helmet with unique decals has been a popular way for players to express their individuality and team pride. Zima Gear has been a well-known provider of custom decals for lacrosse helmets, including the iconic Cascade R.

The Search for the Truth

My quest began with the Zima Gear official website, hoping to find the familiar option to customize Cascade R decals. However, to my dismay, the specific product seemed to be missing from their online catalog. Feeling a sense of nostalgia, I reached out to Zima Gear’s customer support for insights.

While waiting for a response, I engaged with the lacrosse community on social media and forums to gather any recent experiences or information about the availability of Cascade R decals from Zima Gear. The camaraderie and shared passion for the sport were truly heartwarming, and I received valuable leads and recommendations.

The Verdict

After what felt like an eternity of waiting, I finally received a response from Zima Gear’s customer support. It turns out that Zima Gear has made the difficult decision to discontinue the production of Cascade R decals. As a company that values innovation and customer satisfaction, they have directed their focus towards newer helmet models and customization options.

While this news may bring a tinge of sadness to those who cherished the tradition of adorning their Cascade R helmets with Zima Gear decals, it also signals an exciting opportunity to explore fresh designs and innovations in lacrosse equipment customization.

My Personal Reflection

As I bid farewell to the era of Cascade R decals from Zima Gear, I’m filled with gratitude for the memories and sense of identity that these decals have provided. The journey of discovery has also reaffirmed the resilience and adaptability of the lacrosse community, as we embrace change and look towards the future of our beloved sport.


In the dynamic world of sports gear and customization, change is inevitable. Zima Gear’s decision to move away from producing Cascade R decals may mark the end of an era, but it also heralds the beginning of new possibilities and creative expressions for lacrosse players worldwide.