Does Shielf Bash Work On Leona


As a dedicated support main in League of Legends, I’ve spent countless hours perfecting my play with Leona, the Radiant Dawn. One of the most important abilities in her kit is Shield of Daybreak, which is her primary form of crowd control. It’s crucial to understand how this ability works and how to maximize its effectiveness in the heat of battle.

Understanding Shield of Daybreak

Shield of Daybreak is Leona’s Q ability, and when activated, she empowers her next basic attack to deal bonus magic damage and stun the target for 1.25 seconds. This ability is a point-and-click ability, meaning that it will automatically target the nearest enemy when activated. It’s important to note that the stun effect can only be applied to enemy champions once every 6 seconds, so timing and target selection are key.

Does Shield Bash Work on Leona?

Now, let’s talk about Shield Bash, a rune in the Resolve path that empowers your champion’s basic attacks to deal bonus damage after casting a shield. Shield of Daybreak technically triggers this effect, as it provides Leona with a temporary defensive shield when it stuns an enemy. However, the Shield Bash rune specifically requires a champion to have a shield from their kit or an item, and Leona’s Shield of Daybreak does not count as a shield for the purposes of the Shield Bash rune. Therefore, Shield Bash does not work with Leona’s Shield of Daybreak ability.

Maximizing Crowd Control Potential

While Shield Bash may not work with Leona’s kit, it’s crucial to focus on maximizing her crowd control potential with Shield of Daybreak. This ability is a game-changer in team fights, allowing Leona to lock down high-priority targets and disrupt the enemy team’s positioning. Coordinate with your teammates to capitalize on the stun effect, enabling your allies to follow up with their own abilities and secure kills.

Another key aspect to consider is timing. Understanding the cooldown of Shield of Daybreak is essential for effectively controlling the pace of engagements. Properly timing the activation of this ability can mean the difference between securing a kill and allowing an enemy to escape.


While Shield Bash may not synergize with Leona’s Shield of Daybreak, it’s important for support players to focus on maximizing the effectiveness of her crowd control potential in other ways. Understanding the intricacies of her abilities and how to coordinate with teammates is essential for success on the Rift. As I continue to refine my gameplay with Leona, I find that mastering the nuances of her kit allows me to make impactful plays and create opportunities for my team.