Does Golang Has Strict On Line Length

Go Programming

As a developer who has worked extensively with Go (or Golang), I’ve often been asked whether Go has strict rules on line length. It’s a topic that can generate some passionate opinions among developers, so let’s dive into the details.

Understanding Go’s Stance on Line Length

At its core, Go doesn’t enforce strict rules on line length. Unlike some languages that have specific character limits for each line of code, Go takes a more relaxed approach. Instead of focusing on the number of characters per line, Go emphasizes readability and maintainability.

With that said, the Go community generally encourages keeping line length to a reasonable limit. The commonly accepted practice is to maintain lines at or below 80 characters in length. While this isn’t a hard and fast rule enforced by the Go compiler, it’s considered good practice within the community.

This approach is rooted in the belief that shorter lines often lead to more readable code. When lines are too long, it can become challenging to view the entire line on a single screen, especially when working with multiple files or on smaller screens.

Personal Experience

Speaking from my own experience, I’ve found that adhering to a reasonable line length has definitely enhanced the readability of my Go code. It’s much easier to scan through code quickly and understand its structure when lines are kept relatively short. This has been especially helpful when collaborating with other developers on Go projects.

While the lack of strict enforcement might seem freeing at first, I’ve come to appreciate the unwritten guideline of maintaining a reasonable line length. It promotes consistency across projects and can greatly benefit team collaboration.


So, does Go have strict rules on line length? The answer is no, but the community leans towards keeping lines at or below 80 characters for the sake of readability and maintainability. Embracing this approach has undoubtedly improved the quality of my Go code, and I would encourage others to consider the benefits of adhering to a reasonable line length in their own projects.