Does Attack Speed Affect Bowling Bash

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As a seasoned player of the classic online game, Ragnarok Online, I’ve often found myself delving into the nitty-gritty of game mechanics. One question that has frequently surfaced in my gaming circles is whether attack speed affects the potency of the popular Knight skill, Bowling Bash. So, let’s dive into this topic and explore the intricate relationship between attack speed and the effectiveness of Bowling Bash.

The Basics of Bowling Bash

Bowling Bash is a favorite among Knights for its ability to deal devastating area-of-effect (AoE) damage to multiple targets. The skill allows Knights to charge at an enemy, striking with their equipped weapon and causing a significant impact on foes within the skill’s range. However, the question arises – does the attack speed of the Knight influence the damage output of Bowling Bash?

The Influence of Attack Speed

Upon extensive research and personal testing, I’ve discovered that attack speed does indeed play a crucial role in the execution of Bowling Bash. The skill’s mechanics are intricately tied to attack speed, as a faster attack speed enables Knights to unleash successive Bowling Bash maneuvers more rapidly. This results in an increased frequency of hits within a given timeframe, ultimately amplifying the skill’s overall damage potential.

Weapon Type and Attack Speed

It’s essential to note that the attack speed’s impact on Bowling Bash is also influenced by the type of weapon being used. One-handed weapons generally allow for a faster attack speed compared to two-handed weapons. Therefore, Knights who opt for a one-handed weapon over a two-handed one may find themselves executing Bowling Bash more rapidly, further accentuating the skill’s effectiveness in combat scenarios.

Optimizing Attack Speed for Bowling Bash

To maximize the potential of Bowling Bash, it’s crucial for Knights to consider various factors that contribute to their attack speed. Equipment, such as accessories and armor, can provide valuable bonuses to attack speed, enhancing the Knight’s ability to execute Bowling Bash with swiftness and precision. Additionally, the use of buffs, such as Increase Agi, can temporarily boost attack speed, further bolstering the skill’s impact during intense engagements.


As a passionate player who revels in the intricacies of game mechanics, I can affirm that attack speed undeniably affects the potency of Bowling Bash. Understanding the interplay between attack speed, weapon type, and skill execution is pivotal for Knights seeking to unleash the full potential of Bowling Bash in their adventurous endeavors across the realms of Ragnarok Online.