Do You Do Mona Bash In Right Sided Mi

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As an individual who has experienced a right-sided myocardial infarction (MI), I understand the importance of proper medical attention and care. One common practice in the context of right-sided MI is the use of the Modified Monastral-McGoverns’s Bash (Mona Bash) maneuver. This technique plays a crucial role in managing right-sided MI, and it’s essential to explore its application and impact.

Understanding Mona Bash in Right-Sided MI

The Mona Bash maneuver, named after Dr. Mona, is a specialized technique utilized in the management of right-sided MI. It involves the administration of modified chest compressions and ventilations to optimize cardiac output and oxygenation in patients experiencing this specific type of heart attack.

When dealing with a right-sided MI, the affected area of the heart is the right ventricle. This can have implications for blood flow and oxygenation in the body. The Mona Bash maneuver aims to address these specific challenges by adjusting the traditional approach to cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

Application and Technique

Implementing the Mona Bash maneuver involves altering the standard CPR technique to better accommodate the unique needs of right-sided MI. This may include placing greater emphasis on ventilations to enhance oxygenation and adjusting the positioning of the patient to optimize blood flow to the heart.

Furthermore, healthcare providers must be well-versed in the intricacies of this maneuver to ensure its safe and effective application. Proper training and understanding of the physiological rationale behind the Mona Bash maneuver are essential in delivering high-quality care to individuals experiencing right-sided MI.

Personal Reflection

Having personally undergone the Mona Bash maneuver during my own right-sided MI, I can attest to its significance. The tailored approach to addressing the unique challenges associated with this type of heart attack made a notable difference in my recovery process. While undergoing treatment, I felt reassured knowing that the medical team was equipped with the knowledge and expertise to administer the Mona Bash maneuver effectively.

It’s important for individuals to be aware of the specific interventions available for right-sided MI, and the Mona Bash maneuver stands out as a crucial aspect of the overall management strategy.


In conclusion, the Mona Bash maneuver holds immense value in the context of right-sided MI. Its tailored approach and specialized techniques contribute significantly to the comprehensive care provided to individuals experiencing this type of heart attack. As a recipient of this maneuver, I can attest to its impact and express gratitude for the expertise of healthcare professionals who applied it. Understanding and acknowledging the significance of the Mona Bash maneuver is pivotal in ensuring the best possible outcomes for those affected by right-sided MI.