Did Clerics Bash In Classic Everquest

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I remember spending countless hours exploring the magical world of Classic Everquest, and one of the most fascinating classes to me was the cleric. As a cleric main, I often found myself wondering about the intricate mechanics of bashing in the game. So, let’s dive deep into the topic of whether clerics could bash in Classic Everquest.

What is Bashing in Classic Everquest?

In Classic Everquest, bashing refers to the act of using a non-damaging weapon, such as a shield, to interrupt an opponent’s spell casting. This played a crucial role in controlling the flow of battles, especially in group situations where interrupting a powerful spell could turn the tide of the encounter.

The Role of Clerics in Classic Everquest

As a devout follower of the cleric class, I was well aware of our primary role as the primary healers in the game. Our ability to keep the party alive in the midst of intense battles was invaluable. However, the idea of being able to contribute to combat in a more direct manner through bashing was intriguing.

Could Clerics Bash in Classic Everquest?

Despite my initial hopes, the truth is that clerics were unable to bash in Classic Everquest. The game mechanics restricted clerics from performing this action, focusing instead on their divine healing and buffing abilities. While this limitation was somewhat disappointing, it also emphasized the unique role of clerics as pure healers and support characters.

Personal Commentary

Reflecting on my experiences, I initially felt a twinge of disappointment when I discovered that my beloved cleric couldn’t engage in bashing. However, this realization deepened my appreciation for the distinctive role of the cleric class. Rather than lamenting the inability to bash, I embraced the challenge of mastering the art of healing and providing vital support to my group members.


While the inability to bash as a cleric in Classic Everquest may have been a source of initial disappointment, it ultimately reinforced the unique identity of the cleric class. Embracing the role of a dedicated healer allowed me to fully immerse myself in the rich, dynamic world of Norrath. And that, my friends, was a journey that I wouldn’t trade for anything.