De Python Efteling

Python Programming

Welcome to my article on the Python roller coaster at Efteling! As a roller coaster enthusiast, I have always been fascinated by the thrill and excitement that these rides offer. And when it comes to roller coasters, Python at Efteling is definitely one that stands out.

Python is a steel roller coaster located in the Efteling theme park in Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands. It was opened on April 12, 1981, and instantly became a favorite among visitors. Designed by the legendary roller coaster manufacturer Vekoma, Python was the first of its kind in mainland Europe.

One of the things that I love about Python is its unique layout. The ride features a double corkscrew, a loop, and a helix, providing riders with an unforgettable experience. The double corkscrew, in particular, is a highlight of the ride. As the coaster speeds through the twin inversions, you can’t help but feel a rush of adrenaline.

Another aspect that makes Python special is its history. Over the years, the roller coaster has undergone several renovations and upgrades, ensuring that it remains a thrilling and safe ride for visitors. The original track was made of tubular steel, but in 2005, it was replaced with a new track made of stainless steel, ensuring a smoother and more comfortable ride.

As I mentioned earlier, Python holds a special place in my heart. It was one of the first roller coasters I ever rode, and it ignited my passion for thrill rides. Every time I visit Efteling, I make sure to ride Python at least once, reliving those moments of excitement and nostalgia.

If you’re planning a visit to Efteling, I highly recommend experiencing Python for yourself. The exhilaration and twists and turns of this classic coaster are not to be missed. Just be prepared for the loops and inversions that will leave you breathless!


In conclusion, Python at Efteling is a roller coaster that combines thrilling elements, unique layout, and a rich history. This iconic ride continues to draw in visitors from all over the world, offering an adrenaline-filled experience that is hard to forget. Whether you’re a roller coaster enthusiast like me or just someone looking for a fun and exciting ride, Python is a must-try when visiting Efteling. So buckle up, hold on tight, and get ready for a wild ride!