Could Not Connect To Redis At Connection Refused

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Have you ever encountered the error message “Could not connect to Redis at Connection refused” while working with Redis? I know exactly how frustrating this can be, and I’ve delved into the details of this issue to help you understand what might be causing it and how to resolve it.

Understanding the Error Message

When you see the error “Could not connect to Redis at Connection refused,” it typically means that the Redis server is not running or is not listening on the specified port. The error message indicates that the connection to the Redis server at the specified address and port was refused, preventing the client from establishing a connection.

Possible Causes

There are several potential reasons for encountering this error. One common cause is that the Redis server is not running. Another possibility is that the server is not configured to listen on the specified address and port. Additionally, firewall settings or network issues could be preventing the connection.


To troubleshoot and resolve this issue, start by ensuring that the Redis server is running. You can do this by checking the status of the Redis service using the appropriate command for your operating system. If the server is not running, start it using the relevant command or script.

If the server is running, verify that it is configured to listen on the specified address and port. Check the Redis configuration file (usually redis.conf) to confirm the bind address and port settings. Make any necessary adjustments and restart the Redis server for the changes to take effect.

It’s also important to consider any firewall or network settings that may be blocking the connection. Ensure that the necessary ports are open and that there are no network issues preventing the client from connecting to the Redis server.


Encountering the error “Could not connect to Redis at Connection refused” can be a frustrating experience, but by understanding the potential causes and following a systematic troubleshooting approach, it’s possible to resolve the issue and restore connectivity to the Redis server. Whether it’s ensuring the server is running, checking the configuration, or examining network settings, addressing this error involves a combination of technical expertise and attention to detail. I hope this article has provided valuable insights into troubleshooting this particular Redis connection issue.