Can You Upgrade A Volvo S60 To An R Type

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Can You Upgrade a Volvo S60 to an R-Type?

As a car enthusiast with a passion for performance, I often find myself pondering the possibility of upgrading my Volvo S60 to an R-Type. The Volvo S60 is already a fantastic car, but the R-Type takes it to a whole new level. In this article, I will delve deep into the details and discuss whether it is possible to upgrade a Volvo S60 to an R-Type, and share my personal thoughts and commentary along the way.

What is the Volvo S60 R-Type?

The Volvo S60 R-Type is a high-performance variant of the standard Volvo S60 sedan. It is equipped with a range of upgrades and modifications that enhance its power, handling, and overall performance. From a more powerful engine to sport-tuned suspension and aerodynamic enhancements, the R-Type is designed to deliver a thrilling driving experience.

When it comes to personal touches, the Volvo S60 R-Type offers a range of customization options. From exterior styling enhancements to interior upgrades, you have the freedom to make your R-Type truly unique and reflective of your personal style.

Can You Upgrade a Volvo S60 to an R-Type?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to upgrade a Volvo S60 to an R-Type directly from the manufacturer. The R-Type is a specific model within the Volvo lineup and cannot be achieved through aftermarket modifications. This is due to the extensive engineering and design changes that are involved in creating an R-Type vehicle.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t enhance the performance and appearance of your Volvo S60 to make it feel like an R-Type. There are various aftermarket modifications available that can help you achieve a similar level of performance and aesthetics.

One possible approach is to upgrade the engine of your Volvo S60. By installing a more powerful and performance-oriented engine, you can significantly improve acceleration and overall power output. Additionally, upgrading the suspension, brakes, and exhaust system can further enhance the handling and driving dynamics of your S60.

When it comes to personal touches, you can explore various aftermarket options for exterior styling enhancements such as body kits, spoilers, and custom wheels. Inside the cabin, you can consider upgrading the seats, steering wheel, and adding carbon fiber or aluminum accents to create a more sporty and luxurious feel.


While it’s not possible to directly upgrade a Volvo S60 to an R-Type, there are still ways to enhance its performance and style. By exploring aftermarket options and making strategic modifications, you can make your S60 feel like an R-Type to some extent. Remember, though, that any modifications should be done responsibly and with proper consideration for safety and legal regulations.

So, if you are a Volvo S60 owner dreaming about the thrill of an R-Type, don’t despair. With the right upgrades and personal touches, you can create a unique and exhilarating driving experience that reflects your personality and love for performance.