Can You Share Location From Iphone To Android

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As a tech enthusiast who frequently switches between iPhone and Android devices, I’ve often found myself wondering about the compatibility of certain features across these platforms. One particularly useful feature that I’ve explored is the ability to share my location from my iPhone to an Android device. In this article, I’ll delve into the methods and tools that can facilitate this cross-platform location sharing.

Using Apple’s “Find My” App

With the release of iOS 13, Apple introduced the “Find My” app, which combines the functions of the earlier “Find My iPhone” and “Find My Friends” apps. This versatile app not only allows me to locate and track my Apple devices but also empowers me to share my location with friends and family. The great news is that it also supports sharing to non-Apple devices, including Android smartphones.

Sharing my location to an Android phone from my iPhone using the “Find My” app was surprisingly seamless. After enabling location sharing for the contact I wanted to share my location with, I simply selected the contact and chose the “Share My Location” option. The recipient, who uses an Android device, received a web link. Upon clicking the link, they were directed to a web page that displayed my current location on a map, allowing them to track my movements in real-time.

Exploring Third-Party Apps

Although Apple’s “Find My” app offers a convenient solution for sharing location cross-platform, I also wanted to explore alternatives. This led me to discover third-party apps such as Google Maps and WhatsApp. Both of these apps support location sharing between iPhone and Android devices.

Using Google Maps, I was able to share my live location with an Android user by simply selecting the contact and choosing the “Share your location” option. The recipient could then view my real-time location on their Android device’s Google Maps app. WhatsApp, on the other hand, offers a location sharing feature within its chat interface. By tapping the “+” button and selecting “Location,” I could share my live location with an Android user in a WhatsApp chat conversation.


From utilizing Apple’s “Find My” app to exploring third-party solutions like Google Maps and WhatsApp, I’ve learned that sharing my location from my iPhone to an Android device is not only achievable but also quite straightforward. This cross-platform functionality has proven to be incredibly useful in various scenarios, whether it’s coordinating meetups with friends or keeping my loved ones informed about my whereabouts. The seamless interoperability of these platforms has undoubtedly enriched my user experience and alleviated the potential challenges of navigating between iOS and Android ecosystems.