Can You Run Fenics In Bash

Shell Programming

Yes, you can definitely run FEniCS in a bash environment. As a technical enthusiast, I’ve always been intrigued by the power and flexibility of running FEniCS in a bash environment. Let’s dive deep into the details of how to accomplish this and the benefits it can bring to your computational simulations.

Understanding FEniCS

FEniCS is an open-source platform for automated finite element methods. It provides a flexible and efficient way to solve partial differential equations numerically. With FEniCS, you can express your problem in a high-level mathematical language and then leave the details of the implementation to the software.

Running FEniCS in Bash

To run FEniCS in a bash environment, you need to have FEniCS installed on your system. Once installed, you can simply open a terminal and start using FEniCS commands directly within the bash shell. This gives you the flexibility to script your FEniCS workflow using bash scripts, allowing for automation and reproducibility.

Example Workflow:

  1. Open a terminal
  2. Navigate to your working directory
  3. Start a new bash script using your favorite text editor
  4. Write FEniCS commands in the script to define your problem, solve it, and visualize the results
  5. Save the script with a .sh extension
  6. Make the script executable using the chmod command
  7. Run the script using the ./ command

Benefits of Running FEniCS in Bash

Running FEniCS in bash brings several benefits. Firstly, it allows for seamless integration with other command-line tools and utilities. This means you can combine the power of FEniCS with the versatility of bash to create complex and efficient workflows.

Additionally, running FEniCS in bash enables easy parallelization and batch processing of simulations. You can leverage bash’s built-in features for job control and parallel execution to speed up your computational tasks.


As a technical enthusiast, the ability to run FEniCS in bash has been a game-changer for my computational work. The seamless integration, flexibility, and automation capabilities make it a powerful combination for tackling complex simulations. I encourage you to explore the possibilities of running FEniCS in a bash environment and unlock its full potential for your computational needs.