Can You Put Potions In Cauldrons Java

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As a Java developer and avid player of Minecraft, I often find myself exploring the depths of the game’s mechanics. One question that has intrigued me is whether it is possible to put potions in cauldrons in Java Edition. In this article, I will dive deep into this topic and provide you with all the details.

First, let’s understand what cauldrons are in Minecraft. Cauldrons are decorative blocks that have various uses, such as storing water, dousing fires, or dyeing leather armor. They are commonly used in brewing potions and creating splash potions.

Can you put potions in cauldrons?

The short answer is no, you cannot directly put potions in cauldrons in Java Edition. Cauldrons can only hold water, and attempting to place a potion into a cauldron will result in the potion being consumed. This limitation exists because cauldrons were primarily designed to hold water for various purposes, and not to store potions.

However, there is a way to indirectly store potions using cauldrons. You can convert potions into splash potions and then throw the splash potions into a cauldron. This will create a visual effect and dispense the splash potion, but the cauldron itself will not contain the potion.

It’s important to note that this behavior is specific to Java Edition. In Bedrock Edition, players can store potions directly into cauldrons, making them a convenient storage option for potions in that version of the game.

Alternative methods to store potions

While cauldrons may not be suitable for storing potions in Java Edition, there are other options available:

  1. Chests: Chests are a commonly used and reliable method for storing items, including potions. You can build storage rooms or use chests to organize your potions effectively.
  2. Shulker Boxes: Shulker boxes are portable storage containers that can hold a variety of items, including potions. They can be easily transported and stacked, making them a convenient option for storing potions on the go.
  3. Hoppers and dispensers: By using hoppers and dispensers, you can create automated systems to store and dispense potions. This can be useful for potion brewing or setting up traps in Minecraft.


While it would be convenient to store potions directly in cauldrons in Java Edition, it is unfortunately not possible. Cauldrons are designed to hold water, and placing potions in them will result in the potion being consumed. However, there are alternative methods available, such as chests, shulker boxes, hoppers, and dispensers, which can effectively store and dispense potions in Minecraft.

As a Java developer and Minecraft enthusiast, I always find it fascinating to explore and understand the intricacies of the game. While this limitation may seem disappointing at first, it encourages us to think creatively and find alternative solutions. So, keep brewing those potions and finding clever ways to store and use them in your Minecraft adventures!