Can You Make The Turtle In Python A Differtn Shape

Python Programming

Sure, you can make the turtle in Python a different shape using the turtle module. This is a fun and creative way to add variety to your turtle graphics. Let’s explore how to achieve this!

Using the turtle module

Python’s turtle module allows us to create graphics and shapes by giving us the ability to control a turtle that can move around the screen. By default, the turtle is a simple arrow-shaped object, but we can transform it into different shapes according to our preferences.

Setting the turtle shape

To change the shape of the turtle in Python, we can use the turtle.shape() method. This method takes a string argument specifying the desired shape of the turtle. The available shapes include “arrow”, “turtle”, “circle”, “square”, “triangle”, “classic”, and “blank”.

For example, if I want to change the turtle to a circle shape, I can use the following code:


Similarly, if I want to change it to a square shape, I can use:


Custom shapes

In addition to the built-in shapes, we can also create custom shapes for the turtle using the turtle.register_shape() method. This allows us to define a new shape based on a set of coordinates. Once the shape is registered, we can then use it just like any other built-in shape.

Personal Touch

I find working with the turtle module in Python to be a delightful experience. The ability to customize the turtle’s appearance adds an extra layer of creativity to my coding projects. It’s rewarding to see the turtle take on different forms as I experiment with shapes and designs.

When I first discovered the option to create custom shapes, I was amazed by the possibilities it opened up. Being able to define and incorporate my own unique shapes into the graphics added a personalized touch to my creations.


Exploring the different ways to make the turtle in Python a different shape has been an enjoyable journey. Whether using the built-in shapes or creating custom ones, the turtle module provides a canvas for artistic expression within the realm of coding. I encourage you to try it out and unleash your creativity!