Can I Watch Netflix On Linux


As a long-time Linux user, I have often wondered if it is possible to watch Netflix on this beloved operating system. After all, Linux offers a wide range of benefits, but sometimes compatibility with popular streaming services like Netflix can be a challenge. In this article, I will delve into the intricacies of watching Netflix on Linux and provide some solutions that have worked for me.

One of the main reasons why Netflix doesn’t work out of the box on Linux is because it relies on Microsoft Silverlight, a technology that is not supported on Linux-based systems. However, there are alternative ways to watch Netflix on Linux.

Option 1: Using a Web Browser

The easiest and most straightforward way to watch Netflix on Linux is by using a web browser. Most modern web browsers, such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, have built-in support for HTML5 video playback, which is what Netflix uses to stream its content. Simply open your favorite browser, navigate to the Netflix website, and log in to your account. Voila! You can now enjoy your favorite shows and movies on Linux.

It’s worth noting that while this method works for the majority of Linux users, some may encounter compatibility issues depending on their specific distribution or browser version. If you run into any problems, I recommend trying a different browser or updating your current one to the latest version.

Option 2: Using a Desktop Application

If you prefer a more dedicated experience, there are also desktop applications available that allow you to watch Netflix on Linux. One popular application is Netflix Desktop, which provides a standalone interface for streaming Netflix. To install Netflix Desktop, simply follow the instructions on their website and you’ll be up and running in no time.

While desktop applications like Netflix Desktop can provide a smoother and more streamlined experience, they may require additional dependencies and configuration. Make sure to carefully follow the installation instructions provided by the application developers to ensure everything works properly.


While watching Netflix on Linux may require a bit of extra effort compared to other operating systems, there are viable solutions available. Whether you choose to use a web browser or a desktop application, Linux users can enjoy their favorite Netflix shows and movies without having to switch to a different platform.

Personally, I have found using Google Chrome to be the most reliable method for streaming Netflix on Linux. The HTML5 video playback support, combined with the flexibility and compatibility of Chrome, has made my Netflix viewing experience seamless.

Remember, as with any technology, it’s always a good idea to keep your system up to date to ensure optimal performance and compatibility. Happy streaming!